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Producers: Holger Petersen and Tom Lavin
1.MP3- It Still Ain't Easy       2.Midnight In New Orleans       3.One Step Ahead     4.Never Loved Nobody       5.While The Gettin's Good       6.Insane Asylum      7.MP3-What've I Been Drinking       8.You Wanna Dance      9.Shake That Thang       10.Like You Promised       11.Busker
Can't Keep From Crying    13.No More        14.Soft An Furry


GREAT INTRODUCTION - It Still It Ain't Easy was Long John's first release for Stony Plain Records in 1991. Since then he has recorded another four albums for the roots label based in Edmonton, Alberta. The title song harkens back to Long John's signature record It Ain't Easy (Warners 1971). John exclaims in this song "that it still ain't easy but I like it that way!" John doesa beautiful acappella rendition of the prison song 'No More'. Long John also recorded this song in the early seventies but it remains unreleased. The album was produced by Tom Lavin of The Powder Blues and includes some gritty Blues songs such as 'What Have I Been Drinking'. Long John and Kathi McDonald do a great version of Willie Dixon's 'Insane Asylum' and for Baldry trivia fans that was the title of Kathi McDonald's great first record in 1974. 'Midnight in New Orleans' is another souful song that Long John also did a video for. Long John also does a nice interpretation of the jazz classic 'Soft and Furry'. The song 'Busking' takes us back to Long John's roots when he was an itinerant folkie in England during the late fifties playing the street for small change. Musicians on the record included longtime Baldry guitarist Papa John King and Butch Coulter on harmonica. This record is a great introduction to Long John's Stony Plain work. -Jeff Edmunds
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