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A Message from the Premier  - Long John Baldry -he was a living legend, a man who significantly influenced the world of music internationally for several decades. His voice carried the sounds of blues, rock, pop, folk and jazz, and his musical tree included the likes of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Elton John, Rod Stewart and many others across the spectrum of musical voices. 'Long John Baldry -- he was a living legend'. He was an inspiration, a leader and a role model to all those involved in music and to the listening audiences. He lived in Canada for the past 25 years, most recently in Vancouver, and we all mourn his loss as we remember his significant and influential contributions. May he rest in peace. Sincerely, Gordon Campbell/ Premier of B.C.

'The world mourns the passing of a great Bluesman, the public figure with a reputation for kindness, the benevolent mentor and statesman of a great art form. But some of us are mourning the passing of a dear friend. When I lived in England in the early Ď70s, John befriended me with a generosity that is unforgettable. When I was down and out, he allowed me to stay at his house with his goat 'May'. I was permitted to attend all the recording sessions for his 'Good To Be Alive' album at Olympic Studios; he introduced me to industry people in London, and later connected me to management when I was trying to further my career in Canada. I shall treasure the one short BC tour we played together, and how he would graciously introduce his band members as though they were all stars making guest appearances with him. He often referred to his gigs as 'public appearances', a most dignified description. While the accolades continue as to Johnís mentoring of othersí talent and success, how proud he was of his friendships with his own mentors such as Blues great Willie Dixon. John was once kind enough to guest lecture for me at Capilano CollegeóI suggested a loose outline on British Blues and its connections to Chicago & Delta forms. Instead he took his 12-string and delivered a combination concert and spoken-word auto-bio that surpassed all expectations. We all know he was kind and giving to his myriad of friends, yet he Iíve had to remind myself that I was not the only beneficiary of his kindness when he once called me his 'Canadian Ambassador' in reference to his emigrating to Canada. He could make one feel very special indeed. His eloquent speaking voice and vocabulary helped shape my own attempts at speaking proper Englishóthe closest thing he came to an expletive was, 'Goodness gracious!' No doubt we all feel the time was far too short; we didnít have the opportunity to spend enough time with this wonderful man. I always comforted myself with the thought that I really should call John soon for an afternoon cup of tea. Now we can only cherish the times we did have together. I hope you find comfort in the words John sang: '(He) ainít dead, heís only a-sleeping; patiently waiting for Jesus to come'. - Al Harlow/PRiSM

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